The funding you need for your non-profit

Earn up to 50% of sales when you partner with FunGolf Discounts

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Sell once, earn income monthly

Unlike one time sale fundraisers, where people buy a big bulky coupon book, fundraising with FunGolf Discounts offers your supporters a low monthly fee for access to our entire catalog of discounts. That means you'll continue to get income - not just when one sale is made - but EVERY MONTH. 

Simple and fast

Long gone are the days of coupon cutting and trying to remember where you put your book. We make saving easy for your supporters. Right after they sign up online, they'll receive a discounts card in their email that they can immediately install in their phone's wallet. Then, saving is only 2 clicks away no matter where they are.

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Your cause, front and center

Our website and design team will work with you to customize the discount card and checkout page your supporters will interact with. When you partner with us, you'll receive your own subdomain on our website dedicated entirely to your non-profit.

Provide more value over time

We're constantly adding more locations where your supporters will receive benefits. Unlike a coupon book, which loses value over time, your supporters will want to continue supporting you year after year as their benefits grow.


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It's way more than just golf

FunGolf Discounts is all about anything having to do with fun or having a good time. Your supporters get discounts at the best restaurants, bars, stores, and more.